Coors and I-40

5300 Sequoia NW Suite F

Albuquerque, NM 87120

Love the head tilt!

Love the head tilt!


Welcome everyone!!  Thank you for visiting my site and, hopefully, my shop!  With Rockstar Grooming, each guest’s experience is tailored uniquely to their specific needs. I take pride in the personalized service every dog receives upon each visit, I continue my education on a regular basis  to maintain a high level of excellence and proficiency with a focus on skin care and overall health of your pooch.  The true health of your dog does start on the inside.   I offer several different skin care and grooming packages, from simple to a truly tailored to your doggie program.

Super fun bows

Super fun bows

How is Rockstar Grooming different?  We focus on quality and calm environment.   We are not the Wally World of grooming that takes anything and everything at anytime, therefore we do not have a zoo like environment.  Working on a limited number dogs per groomer at a time helps to lower stress on not only the fur baby but the groomer as well.   We offer large relaxation areas with beds for the doggies for after their grooms if they do well there.

All this means dogs leave happy and are happy to come back to visit, play and get gorgeous! We are  fluent in traditional style cuts for many different breeds of dogs as well as creative grooming.   In order to be as safe and up to date as possible with skin care and creative grooming practices I am constantly attending seminars and do a lot of continuing education.

* Pet owners are expected to advise groomer of any health issues or  changes in health at every appointment for the utmost safety of the pet*

Look at my sweet and innocent face!

Look at my sweet and innocent face


Resting after his spa day.


16 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my newly family member, Buster! He’s the Boxer you did today (Tuesday) he looked beautiful after spending just an hour at your shop getting pampered. ..he will definitely be coming back….

    thanks again

    • Not a problem, he is a wonderful guy! He is incredibly handsome too….If you can please send a pict since none of the ones I have came out. :( Wiggle worm! Just email it or put one on my facebook page. Just if you can though. Have a great day!

  2. Been busy the past few days to drop a comment off, but I would like to say thank you SO much again for the totally sick and awesome job you did with Jyndi. Love the shop and the work you do and totally excited to do the hand stripping next time (thanks for all the info and care for the little one)

    • Sure not a prob! Lil Jinja (her shop nickname…LOL) Is a great gal!! We wont do hand stripping on her, she is too old to start this and has been clippered. I would love to start handstriping a westie pup if you ever get one. No charge since I am still learning this and it will help me to grow in my career! Cant learn this over night, it is a tricky thing. :) Always something to learn! There is sooooo much more to grooming that people dont even realize. It definitely isnt “playing with puppies all day” LOL. I havnt forgot to post her pictures, just super busy. Busy bee I am. Have a great one and see ya soon!

      • I just got a 8 month old Cairn Terrier pup who is use to hand stripping. The lady I got him from is a breeder and she was going to use him for breeding, but kept his brother instead. I need a groomer that knows how to hand strip. What do you think??

  3. Love love love this place! Took our Pomeranian today and couldn’t be happier! Very clean, organized, loving place! Keep up the good work!

  4. How much do u charge for a 25# mixed breed terrier sort of likeTibetan? I just like a teddy bear face and a summer cut.

    • Hi there. :) Price depends on what the pup is mixed with and what the hair is most like, please call 505-433-7752 for a quote and so we can talk about other details about the doggie such as age temperament ect. Yes the deshedding works great especially if done on a regular basis. Thanks.

  5. Rockstar Grooming is the best groomers in town. They know how to handle dogs correctly and have a wonderful atmosphere where the dogs seem relaxed. My dogs actually enjoy going to the groomers.

  6. Thank you for always taking good care of my babies when they come to you. Your the only groomers they go to because Shelly have taken care of them since they were babies. Thank you again, Pdee, Princess and Freckles mom.

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